Tiller vs pigs

So looking at what remains of the garden from this year, I start making plans for next year.  I want it bigger, I want more separation from grass and garden.  I want, I want, I want.  We did no till last year, did NOTHING this year, including not weed very much.   Next year I might want to try tilling, then woodchips.

We got a chipper, and really all we are waiting on is the poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, virginia creeper, snakes, critters to all GO AWAY/die off for the winter so we can start chipping all the brush that is back there.  I could till up the ground, then put the leaves and the wood chips on in the fall.  BUT THEN I THINK, what is a better tiller than a pig…or a couple pigs, right?!?!!

A pig pen, where the garden is, have a couple piggies out there, rooting and tilling, fertilizing as they go.  It’s not going to happen this year, but maybe one year.  Just planning for the future.