What better living means to me

I hope everyone knows that I have no opinion or judgement about what you do, how you live your life, what food or entertainment you consume…Free To Be You and Me, with that said…

I was at a party last night and made a comment about how I eat what ever I want from Halloween to our Anniversary on the 3rd of January.  It’s like free space in Monopoloy.  I said it for a couple reasons, the first being, I make jokes.  And second, I think people get all freaked out about AMAZINGLY GOOD FOOD, limiting themselves to just “just a sliver of pie” and a “smidge of eggnog”. I hate putting limits and restricting myself.  To forbid is to encourage!  At this party a friend said “what about better living by choice?”

It’s the second time I went to a party with this person and the second time he commented on food.  It might be his thing.  Last time, as I ate perfect little circles of salami he commented on how processed and fatty salami is, and I said “I know and so delicious!”  I do not kid myself into thinking something is good for me, or healthy.  If it tastes good I am eating it.  Not all of it, but I am not going to deny myself good tasting food because it goes over some made up guideline.

Better living for me isn’t just about food.  It’s about choices, read a book or watch TV,  make dinner or go out to eat,  play a game with my kid or get on facebook.  We all make choices daily.  Some choices bigger than others. Job, kids, investments, but most choices are little.  In the case of bad food choices, I allow myself something I really really want even if that means I am going to suffer the consequences.  French fries, PERFECT example, I know fried food is a trigger for my rosacea, 4 days after eating fries my nose would turn red and swell, eventually in my 60s I would look like W.C. Fields. But you know what, sometimes I just want some damn fries.  99% of the time I make the right choice, I pick what is going to be best for me overall, 1% of giving in allows me the strength it all the other times to say no.  This leads to more time between the 1% mistakes.  Because I have to REALLY want fries to deal with my nose for 2 weeks.

There are a million choices and you can drive yourself CRAZY trying to do them all, you can buy local produce, but most local farmers can’t afford to be certified organic. In that battle local beats organic.  We buy all our chicken and pork from a farm that uses non gmo feed, but we still eat store bought food made with GMO, but only grow from non gmo seeds.  Fast food, slow food, organic,low spray, no spray, gmo, non gmo, factory farm, home grown; it is up each person to decide what is of value, what is important to you.  And my attitude is do what you can, when you can.  And if today is a day where you eat dirty food* cause you can’t swing making dinner or would rather spend your energy doing something else, that’s okay too.   Little changes might snowball into something bigger.  We didn’t start on this journey thinking we were going to own chickens for eggs one day, or have our end goal be local/self-sufficiency with our food.

What is Better Living for one, doesn’t dictate what it is for another.  We are all on our own path.  I am here to encourage, support and share what we do, hopefully it helps someone feel like the little change they make today could lead to bigger things!

*I refer to fast food/pizza as my dirty food.  I am not proud of it, but still like it occasionally.