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New Year’s Eve

As always we have a New Year’s Eve party for the three of us.  Usually it involves hats and food.  This year was no different.

IMG_6767 IMG_6778

I am trying new appetizers to get ready for Superbowl Sunday.  I made 4 new ones.  Two were BIG HITS, and the other two were good, but might not make the cut.  Always with the wings, and of the 3 variety, the BBQ was the best.  Still need to get a couple more flavors perfected.

The molt continues

Ona and Not Ona have new prettier feathers coming in.  I am not sure of they are going to end up as big and pretty as the other Barred Rock, but a girl can try.


We are calling this Rhode Island Red Necky.




Second line of defense


So we have the “electric fence” that isn’t as powerful a deterrent in the winter, so we added a second line of defense.  It’s not pretty and we aren’t sure if it will even work, but it is more space than the run we put them in when the dog came back Christmas day.  We put the camera up and we will see what happens.

Books for christmas

It’s not all we get but I am excited about the batch of books that came into our lives on Christmas day.


Top to bottom…

People’s History of the United States — one of Boomer’s favorite books, Madigan wanted to read it, so we got it for her for Christmas.

The Scavengers — I heard about this book on NPR, thought Madigan would like it.  Strong girl, crazy rooster, sounded like it was up her ally.

Rare Bird — Listening to my favorite morning show, the host was making fun of his wife reading this book and crying.  He thought it was funny that a books she said was one of her favorites would make her cry so much.

Radical Homemakers — I have wanted a copy of this for the house.  We have one of her cookbooks.  Boomer got this one for me too!

How We Got to Now — Another book I heard about on the radio.  Thought Boomer would like to learn about some of the advancements that have made life easier.

America-Farm to Table — My mother in Law always gets me a cookbook and this one is beautiful.  The pictures and recipes look wonderful!


Deer are still around

Someone said all the deer would all be gone by the end of October….WGI_0027

The chickens are still spooked, haven’t gotten an egg in a week.  That may be more to do with the short days and molting, but the attack didn’t help.

Early christmas present

Boomer went out and got us one of those fancy wildlife cameras. We are hoping to get an idea of what got our chickens.


These are the only suspects so far.

More loss

I got a text yesterday from Boomer saying something had gotten into the chicken yard and we lost some birds. This discovery took place 10 min before he had to be at the daughters school for pick up. Some frantic text back and forth while I was at work and this is what we figured out. We don’t know if it’s a dog, coyote or fox, but it killed two birds, which were dead in the coop. One bird injured enough that we (by we I mean Boomer) had to put it out of it’s misery. And one bird is missing. There are several places that look like this in the yard. IMG_6590

Just big piles of feathers


I post this not to be gross, but to maybe give clues to some more experienced chicken owners who could possibly tell us what was most likely to predator.  I tried to find prints or poop or hair to be able to piece it together, but found nothing.

Most mornings, I open the door and I see this, a blur of brown and grey — running for the feed.


This morning, they were still on their roosts at close to 8am


They came out, eventually, but were mostly by the door.

After took Madigan to school, I brought out a treat.



This is Ona, alive and well


And not Ona on the right, in the throws of molting


I think we have one of the original RIRs and one of the new RIRs, and one of the new BR.  The BR is the one I call big pretty, cause she is BIG and Pretty…but she wasn’t available for a photo, just staying safe on the roost.  With them wanting to be in the coop, we can assume the attack didn’t happen in there.

It’s weird to look out at noon and not see a single bird in the yard.




RIP Smokey 1999 – 2014

When we took the van into Firestone to fix a MAJOR oil leak they told us that they couldn’t fix it.  A new engine would be the only way and that’s 3-5 grand.  If we had that kind of money we would just go buy a new vehicle.  But we don’t.  We talked about trying to sell it on craigslist, but I worried that someone would think this is a drive-able van…sure it can drive, but it shouldn’t.   After speaking with family members, we decided it was time to let Smokey go.

A few phone calls, photos and emails, we got a salvage yard to come out and take him away.

IMG_6509 IMG_6513 IMG_6516

I almost cried.

It is sad, Smokey was a gift from Boomer’s folks when we moved here, a second car for us, after living in Spokane with just one car.  Knowing the van was ours allowed us to move here and relax, settle in, find work and know we didn’t have to figure out how to get three people to their job/school everyday with just one ride.

Madigan was taken to the end of 2nd grade, all of 3rd, 4th, 5th and some of 6th grade in Smokey. He helped us move into the house.  I worried about the rear axle when we loaded all the cinder blocks and dirt soil from our apartment container garden to bring out to Goodview.  But he did it.  We took Elvis out to the farm for his last day and brought back Ona and Not Ona to join our flock.

The last time Smokey was out at the farm, just a few days before he took a turn for the worst, he had turkeys roosting on him.  That’s how we want to remember him, being good reliable transportation, with a few turkeys roosting.smoked turkey

Smokey is survived by a 1998 Saturn and a 1993 Sentra.  In lieu of flowers, please keep your eyes out for an old beater that can be our back up car.