I love this time of year

Planning and planting, digging and doing.  It’s work that may or may not pay off, but we do it anyway.

Each year I learn something new, try something different and hope for the best.

Some years the plants aren’t hardened off and the first day of real heat they wither, but then they come back.

Squash bug and aphids, last year saw one of those super creepy caterpillars with all white babies hanging off her back.  Giant praying mantis’ and a mama bunny feeding her babies.  I have enjoyed having a yard with room to garden.  Do I wish it was easier on the back?  Yes!  Do I sometimes think how bad could Seven really be, I mean it has to be safe right?  What I do, is keep trying.  If they bugs get the watermellon, well they probably needed it more than I do.  If they tomato plants get moldy I need to plant them further apart.

It’s a fresh start, every year, and if I screw it up this year ROYALLY, I can do it different next year, or next season.  I love this time of year!