Monthly Archives: June 2015

Nate at 3 months


I got to see my nephew and his family yesterday.  At first he wasn’t sure about the girl taking his pictures.


But he started to warm up with everyone try to get him to smile.


and even got a little laugh out of him.

I held him for an hour and haven’t heard the end of it from Madigan.  How much I love that baby.  And how that baby is my favorite.  Little does she know, one hour of holding one baby couldn’t take away from the YEARS of loving her!

Good bug bad bug

This looks like it could be a type of lady bug, but could be some devastating pest that needs to be killed–not sure.


Our garden…it’s not pretty

We don’t have a tiller, and every year I threaten to get one and just tear up the whole yard, and every year  I do not.  I am trying to make the garden easy to manage, not to BIG and try and maintain some good soil.  This is the right side, with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflour and a stray melon plant growing from last year


I bought 6 broccoli plants.


Stray melonIMG_7458

Only 1 squash seed grew.IMG_7459


This is the left side, with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, if they every come up.IMG_7483





I will assume you know what a patch of dirt without pepper plants growing looks like 🙂