And now we have none

Today is the first day in about 2 1/2 years that I haven’t HAD to get up to let the chickens out.  Yesterday between 10a and 1p something got all 4 of our big birds.  This attack is different for lots of reasons.  Whatever got in there got all of our birds.  Another difference, the attack normally happens in the pen and then the birds are left in the pen, this time the birds were dragged out of the pen and placed in a little wooded area 10 feet on the other side of the fence line in a group.  So what works in a group or alone with the plan of storing these birds for later?  The birds were ripped up in different places, normally when its a dog, the birds have legs that are popped out of the socket like Floppy, or bites on the backs like Molly in the last attack.  Ona, the Rasputin of the bird world, who has survived from not going in the cone the day we got her and has been untouchable in all other attacks is missing.  There is a pile of her feathers, but we can’t find the carcass, or any other sign of her.  That is another unsettling part of this.  Like maybe she will just show back up, out of the blue.  I don’t remember how long I kept keeping an eye out for Buddy our mellow rooster, but it took a while getting used to not having him and his cockadoodledoo around.  I am bummed, more so than in the past, cause we still had birds to feed and take care of.  (Yes I have 6 little month old chicks in the brooder, but it will be quite a while before they are out scratching and pecking, being the big birds)

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I am posting pictures, just so chicken friends can see and maybe help us figure out what the heck did this.  Heads were still on.



IMG_9570This was in the pen, no feathers in the coop, so the birds didn’t do what they normally do, which is hide out in coop.  Looks like they were dragged under the fence.


Two to three more piles of feathers on the way to where they were piled up.IMG_9571

The grass on the neighbors property is knocked down, there are no animals on pasture or on the property that would be in this area.IMG_9567

This is how we found 3 of the birds.