I love these people so much.

imageI forgot how much I miss having family.  How much I miss sitting around talking and laughing and reminiscing.  I have loved Justin from the minute he entered this world, and I am lucky that I get to be a safe harbor in the storm for his family.  Jenn and I stayed up late talking and woke up early for coffee.  Noah and I got to play a vicious game of Monopoly.  Nate and Ava giggled, laughed and played…reminding me just how awesome little kids can be.  Nate saying “hey guys, I got an idea.”  Ava peeking her head around the corner each morning while I got coffee ready.  Helping How I could to make sure they knew our home was safe for little kid ds and nothing mattered more than them having fun.  I cried when they said they were leaving.  I wish my family lived closer.  I need more days like thIs.  I would spend every minute I could with these people.