We have slowly changed our mindset about what’s important to us, how we spend our money and the choices we make.  Putting it all together has turned into Better Living By Choice.

We are a small family of three, 4 if you count the cat, living in Southwest Virginia.  We weren’t always concerned about how we were living. We were average consumers, a low price was the only factor that mattered.  Then a diagnosis of a gluten allergy made us change our shopping habits.  Regular pasta is on sale somewhere for about a buck a bag.  We came to terms with the 5 dollar bag of TinkYadda pasta because it was as close  to the “real thing” as we could get, so the price became worth it.  A few more allergies and an odd disorder that is fueled by sodium, the final nail in the coffin of fast and prepackaged food.

So the buy 2 for $3 that makes life so convenient for most people is out of the question for us.  More cooking, and feeling better.  Fewer trips thru the drive thru, feeling even better.  Add some news reports and half a dozen documentarites have brought us to this place.  A family who wants to live better, by choice.

This is us, doing what we can to make our lives better, in a way that supports local communites and businesses.