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My favorite way to spend my money

We work on budgets and our spending this time of year, with the new year, with taxes, with just seeing what we have to work with.  In looking at our finances and where our money goes there is really only one place where I am happy with the whole transaction start to finish…Bramble Hollow.

I never feel like it is wasteful or excessive.  We don’t look at the food as junk or fast, knowing how these chickens grow and what it takes to get them to market weight.  We invest not just money but time into the company that produces the product we receive.  I feel appreciated as a customer, and I am appreciative of the people who produce the product.  There is no middle man taking his cut.  There isn’t a slick marketing department trying to get Q3 numbers up.  It is about as pure as you can get in a transaction.

In a world of giant company’s who own everything, have made food like products and put a crap-ton of “natural flavoring” into our foods, I know when I bring home a cooler of chicken or pork, it was produced honestly, with hard work.


If you are interested in what’s going on with your store bought chicken google “white striping” and you will see it in every pack of “fresh” chicken breasts at the grocery store.

First batch of greens of the season

IMG_9142I know I am not southern, I grew up all over the country, but DAMN I love me some greens.  Our dinner last night was all local, greens from Thornfield Farm and my yard, Asparagus from Catawba Meadows and chicken from Bramble Hollow.  I am so thankful and glad we live in such a rich agricultural community.

Not one market, but TWO!

I saw on facebook that Betty and Clyde were at the Catawba Farmers Market.  I have missed seeing them so I asked Madigan if she was up for a two market day, she said yes.  Had to get our yearly picture with Betty.

IMG_9114 IMG_9116We got a little bit of everything, including some flowers to put in the vase at home.

IMG_9120Clyde said the honey from one of the other vendors was the best, so I has to get it, bonus they offered jars with the comb still in it.

IMG_9126 IMG_9127

Happy New Year!

We I have been missing in action here on the blog.  Middle of 2015 we decided to start a little business, and as it happens with us, we go all in.  It takes over all of our down time.  Mix that with our failed garden and a chicken attack blogging became hard.  I dreaded trying to come up with something to talk about.  Lacking creativity just posting pictures of chickens.  Everything else seemed easier and more fun than blogging.

Here we are 2016, seed catalogs on my end table, a catalog from McMurry Hatchery and my best intentions.  When gardening is good, there is plenty to talk and post about.  You know I love taking pictures of seedlings. Farmers Markets start back up  in April, that’s sure to inspire a couple posts a month.  Baby chicks in march.  Chicken days at Bramble Hollow. I will have reasons to post here, and plan to do my best to keep up with the blog.

Here’s to 2016–the year of good intentions.

Sorry Kroger shrimp ring

Charlie is back with shrimp.IMG_7621

Having lived in Florida and California I have eaten my fair share of good fresh shrimp.  When I started buy shrimp from Charlie a few years ago, it renewed my love for shrimp cocktail.  Sure, there is more work involved in cooking, cleaning and de-veining these beauties but it is SOOOOOO worth it.  The flavor and texture is beyond perfect.

I am going to try and perfect another seafood dish eventually, but for now I will enjoy the shrimp while they are available.  If you are in the Roanoke area and want to see/taste for yourself, check out the pre order and where you can meet up with Charlie.

Fresh. Local. Wild‑Caught.

You’ve found the best connection in the Roanoke Valley for fresh seafood from theCoast of Carolina.  We personally drive to the beach and pick up fresh seafood every week.  We have a large selection of fresh seafood including Carolina Shrimp, Grouper, Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Flounder, Scallops, Crabmeat, Shucked Oysters and more.

Now you have no excuse!

Another chicken day

Our spring, summer and early fall seem to be peppered with visiting to Bramble Hollow Farm for chicken days.  We love helping process the food we eat, but mostly we like hanging out with our friends.


Seeing the new animals

IMG_7360 IMG_7363

With all that goes on at the farm, the craziness of chicken day and putting on an awesome family meal, there is still time for the heart of this place to have a moment together.



Pork glorious pork


We picked up our half hog today.  It’s over 100lbs of meat.  Sausage in the back is hot Italian and the packs in the front are ground pork.  A few roasts, two page is of ribs, a tenderloin, which I think will become like Oogies tenderloins, jowls and fat on the left front.  That should take care of a third of our dinners for a year.

As always, thanks to Brent and Anna for what they do at Bramble Hollow Farm.  A few times this past summer I was jonesing for Italian sausage.  It would be on a Monday, no farmers market, and I would just breakdown and get some from the store.  And after a couple years of only eating local, it tasted fake and rubbery.  I compare it to bank tellers who are so familar to the feeling of real money that a counterfeit is obvious because it feels off and wrong.  We are spoiled.  We know what chicken and pork should taste like when raised on pasture, with good non gmo feed, with room to move and scratch and root around.