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Meat birds are out

I can breathe again==they are 3 weeks old.

IMG_0636 IMG_0637Gotta get these birds fattened up so we can get them in the freezer by Memorial day weekend.



We have two brooders going at once


These are the birds formerly known as the little birdsIMG_0574

This one is very curious, might be a rooster.


These are the meat birds.  We might go get half a dozen more, since they have them at Tractor Supply Company.  Memorial Day weekend will be processing day here.



Baby Birds

After much debate with 2 people who don’t care, we got 4 new baby chicks


The feed store is now an ace hardware so who know if they will stop doing chick in the future.  I wanted a couple different breeds, Madigan said she would like to get the birds that lay the blue and green eggs.

IMG_0419 IMG_0422

Two arcanas or Amerucanas, it will be neat to watch how they change color and how the feathers come in. Since they look a little different now, maybe they will give us two different colored eggs.

IMG_0428 IMG_0417

Two leghorns, I liked having a white bird in the yard.

IMG_0429I am debating naming this one Alice or Maryln after Alice Cooper or Maryln Manson with the over use of eyeliner.


My favorite way to spend my money

We work on budgets and our spending this time of year, with the new year, with taxes, with just seeing what we have to work with.  In looking at our finances and where our money goes there is really only one place where I am happy with the whole transaction start to finish…Bramble Hollow.

I never feel like it is wasteful or excessive.  We don’t look at the food as junk or fast, knowing how these chickens grow and what it takes to get them to market weight.  We invest not just money but time into the company that produces the product we receive.  I feel appreciated as a customer, and I am appreciative of the people who produce the product.  There is no middle man taking his cut.  There isn’t a slick marketing department trying to get Q3 numbers up.  It is about as pure as you can get in a transaction.

In a world of giant company’s who own everything, have made food like products and put a crap-ton of “natural flavoring” into our foods, I know when I bring home a cooler of chicken or pork, it was produced honestly, with hard work.


If you are interested in what’s going on with your store bought chicken google “white striping” and you will see it in every pack of “fresh” chicken breasts at the grocery store.

End to the reign of terror

We got the layer chicks in May, I suspected we had a rooster.  Couple months later that turned out to be true.  When we put the birds out in the supplemental fence the rooster started getting aggressive.  He would not let the other birds out of the coop, ran them off the food and was generally a jerk.  I would go let them out every morning and instantly a bad mood would hit me.  The bird had to go.  Every morning I would text Boomer and say this bird has to go.  With a quick end of summer trip to Florida, the beginning of high school for the daughter, and work prevented taking care of this PITA.  Finally a day off for both of us, a day that wasn’t a MILLION degrees and the reign of terror is over.  I know the world needs roosters, but we are okay with out one.  I don’t want to worry about a bird coming after me or getting aggressive if the neighbors grand-kids comes over to see the birds.

Now the girls can relax, eat and enjoy being chickens in the yard and soon, hopefully lay a few eggs.  Oh and that is left eye with her head up, she is the new Ona.  Something got at her while they were still in the brooder, scratched her neck area and damaged her eye.  Although it is a little off putting, she still has one good eye.


They should start growing and putting on weight now that the rooster isn’t there to prevent them from eating.