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We have new neighbors, and I like them

When I went out to let the chickens out I saw our new neighbors.  Six new cows are living where the black and white ones lived two years ago.


I really would like a cow, they are curious beasts.  You know all the Facebook videos where the title says something like “what happened next will AMAZE you!”  Well cows coming over to see what’s going on around their fence is not amazing.  Doesn’t matter if I am just standing there with a camera, or a quartet playing classical music, they are going to come over.

This one was the fist one over, we talked for a bit.  I talk to the chickens so why not talk to the cows next door.  There is one all black cow, two of the light grey/white ones and three this color.


I told her she will see me every morning, letting the chickens out.  Told her I hope she gets to stay a while.  I wish I knew those people on that side, so I could feed a carrot or apple every now and again.