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Knitting for Nacho


With the cold temps and snow days, we have been in the house more this week.  I have been trying to get this blanket done before the baby who I call Nacho Jazz Butcher arrives in March.


No more TV

I just finished watching the last episode of Parenthood. It’s the last show that I made sure I kept up with. I am not a binge watcher. We don’t have cable or a DVR. If we subscribe to Netflix it’s because of a documentary we want to watch. I like watching the Today show in the morning, just to hate on Savannah Guthrie and catch up on the news. QVC has a cooking show on Sunday that we watch to avoid the sports, but for the most part the TV is just a box in the living room.

I feel good about having no shows, no more TV to watch. Let’s read a good book or knit!

Past and present


I giggled when I noticed my leather jacket and Doc Martins…


in front of my sewing machine.  I lived in NYC when I got that jacket.  I got the boots when I lived in LA and was obsessed with the Green Lantern.  The person I was could never imagine that I would be here, in SW Virginia, married to a local, with 10 chickens, growing some of my own food, with an ALMOST 13 year old daughter.

I was committed to being single.  Everything that mattered to me fit in my Blue two door Tercel.  I moved when ever I wanted, which averaged about every year and a half. I did whatever I wanted.  I was obsessed with pop-culture, seeing movies the weekend they came out and I spend my winter weekends snowboarding. I was happy-ish.

Now, when I see people magazine, I do ask who is that woman and why does she want to die, I have seen about 6 movies at the theater in the last 12 years, snowboarding only brings up thoughts of me breaking something and not being able to take care of my family. All our cars are 4 door and we have a minivan.  With all that said, I feel better than I have in my life.

I am comfortable in my own skin in a way that alluded me in my 20s.  I am confidant in my choices as a parent in a way I wasn’t in my 30s.  At 45 with green Docs and a leather jacket on a sewing chair mixing my past and present.

Looking forward to the future!

If you need me, you can find me here



Not sure if this is a Halloween costume or just a Cosplay costume, either way it’s a costume for Madigan.  I am thankful that I was given this sewing machine (Thanks again Granny Lou!) and my mother taught me how to use it.

Fall means knitting

I started this hat at the beach and finished it up this weekend.  It was mostly knitted on circular needles, but had to end on the dreaded DPN.


It turned out pretty cute.




Now I am working on a baby blanket.