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the babies






Justin Jenn and the kids moved into a new place.  And being the person I am decided I needed to visit on what might have been the busiest day of the year.  School starts tuesday for them, a friend of Abby’s had to get to the airport and of course, there is still unpacking to do.  We got there around noon and left after 6.  For me the time FLEW by, with talking, laughing and cooking.  It’s amazing seeing what smart, considerate, kind people they are.  The kids are happy and really isn’t that all we want!

I saw my nephew and husband do a good deed when an elderly woman walking her dog lost control when another dog walked by.  She fell and the dogs were fighting.  Justin went to deal with the dogs and Boomer went to help the woman who fell.  I was impressed with how each of them handled the situation.  I of course did nothing by make sure the kids didn’t get around the dogs fighting.

doing grandma-ish stuff

I have a friend at work who’s daughter is into princesses.  The little one LIVES in these dresses.  And on occasion they need mending.  A seam here or there, a zipper breaks, her mom brings me the dress and I fix it since she never learned how to sew.


I love that I get to do the grandma-ish stuff, stuff my mom would do for Madigan and I if we lived closer, for people I care about.  It makes me so happy helping out where and how I can.  I feel lucky and fortunate to have the people I do in my life. Miss Maddy will be back to being royalty by the end of the day!

I have been trying to put my feelings into a pithy catch phrase…so here it is- Focusing on the good relationships I have and not dwelling on the broken ones I have lost.