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Garden highlights

IMG_9493The start of a sunflower

IMG_9496The worlds smallest jalapeno pepper

IMG_9499The slicers are shaping up nicely

IMG_9502Bells are looking good

IMG_9506The sungold cherry tomatoes.  Boomer doesn’t like red cherry tomatoes, but likes the orange ones, so that’s what I planted.  Who says people don’t change?!



IMG_9145You know when radishes are ready…they pop right out.  I am going to make homemade bread with that garlic radish spread Anna introduced us to last year.


Meat birds — half way there

IMG_9133We picked up an extra bird.  A meat bird got mixed in with some laying hens at Tractor Supply, they didn’t want to raise a meet bird and just gave it to us.  Looks like they got the bird the same week we got ours.  I do want to say meat birds are okay for a while but they really do create a mess. What’s worse than dry meat birds?  Wet muddy meat birds.

Wild onions

Before boomer cut the grass for the first time of the season I went out and pulled up some wild onionsIMG_9059 IMG_9061


I am really not sure how to photograph these flowers.  Once the bloom they are just this sort of weird shaped blob, but this is the best one I got.IMG_3014