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PAUL — my hopes for 2015

It has been a few week since I have had any quiet times alone, without Madigan, or a holiday, or a dinner or an event, where I could just reflect.  In that spirit, I have some ideas for 2015.

** Produce.  Produce more food on our own.  Bigger garden, more flowers, maybe try to raise a few meat birds, can more. We do 90% of our own cooking, using very little prepackaged food.  I want to try my hand at making some breads for Madigan and I.  Maybe learn how to make pasta.  Lower the number of boxes or bags of pre-made stuff.

** Appreciate. I would like to take more time to reflect, soak in, appreciate where we are, even in times of struggle.  Be more thankful for things we have accomplished, how far we have come and what we have done right.  We are fortunate in so many ways, and sometimes we forget how much we do have because we get sucked into others view of success, wealth or riches.

** Unafraid. This is all me, I am afraid of things I know nothing about.  Maybe it is because I was single so long and the buck stopped with me.  Since I do not consider myself handy, and would rather pay someone to fix something than try and do it myself.   My fear is the problem when it comes to changing out the mailbox or replacing a flapper in the toilet.  Boomer literally has to do these thing when I am out of the house because I am a super worrier NUT.  It’s not that I don’t think he can do it, it’s that I know *I* can’t.

** Learn.  Continue to learn. Read more books.  Talk with people who do stuff we want to do.  Try more things.

In addition to all that, get back to pod casting, keep a tidier home, get rid of junk we don’t need. Stay off our smart phones and away from TV.


a year in the house

It was a year ago when we started sleeping in the house. After dragging all of our crap over here, painting the bedrooms and cleaning bathrooms. I know moving in winter isn’t ideal, thankfully we didn’t have a lot of snow. I questioned our decision to move in the middle of the school year, having to payoff the school system to let her stay in her school till June. The reason was timing.

Had we waited till summer we wouldn’t have been able to get a garden plot started and get cucumbers, squash and peppers. We surely wouldn’t have had time to get chickens hardy enough to handle what has turned into our extremely cold winter and still get a dozen and a half eggs a week. And had we waited we wouldn’t have seen our home thru the seasons, watching the grass come back after the brown of winter, the leaves filling out the trees and the color changes and eventual nightmare that is fall in our yard. Imagine not getting all the things we wanted, the garden and the chickens and only getting the leaves, that would have been a bit of a rip off. Also seeing how low our electric bill can be in the summer so when we get the sticker shock of the winter bill we would know it’s not always going to be that high.

Happy Anniversary to us living in this house.

House Party

We had friends and family over for an open house. 30 people came thru the house, fed the chickens and enjoyed refreshments. Funny thing is we have no pictures. Trust me when I say the food was wonderful and conversation was great. If you happen to have any pictures, send them my way.

My friend Kim hanging out with the chickens.
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Tree trimming

The storm last week pointed out the obvious, one of the trees in our front yard is not very healthy. There were a couple branches that broke off ion this storm, and other previous breaks. Splits in the crotch and other issues means either by choice or another storm this tree will continue to deteriorate.

My father-in-law and brother-in-law came over to help get the branches off the tree that were hanging on. They arrived with saws, ropes and other tree trimming tools.



The decided CHAINSAW.

After a few big thuds the branches were down. We dragged them back to the brush pile. In the winter we plan to rent a chipper and chip it all up, but now, we just add to it.


Tree looking a little thin on top.

Boomer’s grandmother came over as well. It was nice to have her see the place. Zach stayed for dinner. I pulled the kale and chard out of the raised bed, make some greens, along with fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

The cows

Sometimes we don’t see them for days…and then sometimes we see them



and they saw us



keeping an eye on us

It was weird….them watching us


So close

It’s not Little House on the Prairie

We are going into town to pick up supplies. We are gonna make a day of it. So hitch the horses up to the wagon and let’s get to getting.

We drive to school and our jobs Monday thru Friday and we are near all kinds of stores. It is right around the corner from restaurants and a mall, book and grocery stores. The problem is we are really only there for the job and school. I drop Madigan off before the bell, then get to work by 8:15. Sure I could run errands after work, but I would rather get home to my family.

So today we are planning a shopping day with multiple stops, which Madigan will hate, but we have to do it. We need to hit the COOP, the health-food store, the farmer’s market, a couple of craft stores, a home improvement store or two, maybe lunch while we are out, over to visit friends or family, grocery store and then home.

We could do it over the course of 3 days, a little trip here or there, when we were in the apartment, but now, all day, all done. If you don’t hear from us, send out the cavalry.

A view of the back yard

On this the 4th or 5th Friday snow day in a row. Thought I would post a picture of the back yard/future garden area. I might take a picture once a week from the same POV. Not a lot of snow, but I will take the day off.


It doesn’t feel like “home” yet

We are still getting settled in. I am still not able to sleep well with all the house noises. Everyone asks how excited and happy I am. I am happy we got the house, but it is a huge adjustment. Years and years of apartment life has caused me to except certain noises. I am out of my comfort zone and will get comfortable with it, eventually. I haven’t found the camera so these pictures are from the iPad, quality is not great but you get an idae

Madigan’s room is taking shape


And she picked out this clock…gotta love an 11 year old who loves math!

Our Super Bowl snack night was good. One day we might have a party, but it would have to be for foodies, since we only have a 20 inch TV.