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Long time no post

I have been off line and out out of it for a while.  Not sure about the time line but i feel like i haven’t posted in over 2 years, and what a two years it has been.  Frustrating, emotional, heartbreaking, hopeful two years.  I am gonna start to write again here, not about locally sourced food or what produce is in season but just what is going on.  Talk about my sobriety, my new job, my lid going off to college, Margaret’s death and how it has gone since her death.

New year, new decade it all changes.

Thank you thank you thank you

you have no idea how much I appreciate the concern for my family, the offers of living space and goods to help keep my family safe.  I respect everyone’s choice to evacuate or stay, everyone I know in Florida knows they have a bed, a room or a house to stay in if they decided to leave while Irma does her thing.  I am forever grateful for my friends who prove once again how kind and giving they are and how we are forever bonded thru friendship and love.


IMG_1072Our friends at Bramble Hollow had an extra nice rooster that needed a home.  We had been sitting the fence on another rooster, but this guy is easy going and has a bum leg.  Perfect for us.

IMG_1074We have been having issues with some bossy and jerky hens that make life miserable for the other hens.  So Custer to the rescue.

IMG_1076Our dominant hen was the first to try and show Custer who is boss, and well, she discovered it’s Custer.

May is a BLUR

It’s been a busy month, but it is winding down.  This time next week we won’t have plans till August.  Just need to get thru the last week of middle school and an anime convention.  I expect chores will the the feature of June,