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Pro-GMO Activity Book For Kids

Monsanto has partnered with a handful of other companies who want to control every thing that grows to publish a new activity book for children.

Here’s a little excerpt….

“You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) grow more food; 2) help the environment; and 3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health.”

Of course here’s how it should really read…

“You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) control all seeds; 2) spray every inch of the planet with chemicals; and 3) crossbreed fish genes with tomatoes so they can be picked by slave labor when they’re green, be driven hundreds of miles and still be able to sit in the grocery store produce section for as long as possible.”

Biotechnology Activity Book for Kids

Even a 3rd grader knows when something has been G-M

When I picked my daughter up from school on Tuesday she said they were giving away cabbage starter plants in the school. “All third graders get one, and the winner gets a $1,000 scholarship.” When I asked her if she wanted to go back in an get one she said “Nah, they are probably genetically modified anyway, they say they grow HUGE.”

So Bonnie Plants does this contest for 3rd graders to grow a ginorous cabbage. I told Madigan she could do it if she wanted to. When I looked at the “take home” sheet in the backpack, you need to have 4 feet of space for this freakish plant. I gave her the option of growing our own cabbage, of normal size and girth, from safe seeds in safe soil. She is still unsure. We are growing plants anyway, so I don’t know if we need Bonnie’s freakish cabbage to help us

Bonnie Plants distributes free cabbage plants to third graders across the country to foster an interest in gardening and the environment. Cabbages are delivered to students whose teachers have signed up to participate. Students in these third grade classrooms each get their very own cabbage to plant, take care of and harvest. The cabbages produce oversized heads, making the process even more exciting for kids.

We really don’t need a cabbage this big to get more excited about planting…Thank you very much!

What is Monsanto?

I got a text from my sister asking that very question. Monsanto has been a topic of discussion around our house for a while, even our daughter can give a pretty good anology as to why we don’t want to support companies that are owned or connected to Monsanto.

Monsanto is an agriculture company that has most of americans eating food produced from thier genetically modified seeds, grown in soil that is filled with it’s patented chemicals. The seeds produced from Monsanto plants can not be used in the next growing season, making the farmer or gardener go back to the company and buy again. It seems wrong to me to take something that is natually sustainable, natural un-modified seed have the ability to grow plants from that seed line for years to come, but Monsanto makes it so you have to go back to them, give them more money for more seeds. I do not begrudge Monsanto for wanting to be the only game in town, but it’s not like they are selling widgets. They are feeding our country, and want to feed the world (and not in the 80s version of providing food to needy folks for free) they want to own the market, THE FOOD MARKET.

I don’t want to support a company who will sue local farmers who don’t buy Monsanto seed or use their chemicals on their crops when Monsanto seeds from their neighbors farm blow over to thier land. In lots of ways I can’t avoid Monsanto, but in one way, in my garden, I can get away from their gentically modified hand. I can also support companies who believe that natually ocurring seeds and food should not be patented, life shouldn’t be something you need to patent like a widget. That’s why we are making the choice to buy our seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange…this is their Safe Seed Pledge:

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners, and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we will not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political, and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately people and communities.

I want to say, that what is imortant to me, may not be important to you. I am not here to try and convert anyone, or make a pitch for anyone else to make these changes.

I am off to water my non-Monsanto seeds.