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Good bug bad bug

This looks like it could be a type of lady bug, but could be some devastating pest that needs to be killed–not sure.


Better than coffee for waking up


I got this picture after dry heaving for 10 minutes while waiting for Boomer to call me to tell me what to do.  I first discovered his gross guy when I put my hand 5 inches from his face to put feed down for the chickens.

I was too afraid to scare him off by myself.  I had Boomer call our neighbor to come out with a gun.  He had a gun, a rake and a stick.  He ran him off…still makes me want to puke.


When I was out picking peppers, I found this guy in there.  I didn’t know mantis’ (sp?) had wings.  Glad he is there.  Also glad I noticed him before I grabbed up the pepper under him.




Still don’t know what this weed is called, but I decided the best way to take care of it is to just pull it.  So double and triple up the gloves and pull away.  The root looks like a turnip and there are these thorny, sticky clusters of pain.


My plan now is to pull them out before Boomer mows.


Dear Deer…GET OUT

It is a daily ritual when I let out the chickens out, I check the garden. For days, weeks even, I would walk up to the house with a shirt full of food. That all stopped when the deer found the garden.


After topping tomatoes and eating the future flowers, they finally discovered the cucumbers.

Between the deer and the rain, this has been a tough year. With it being our first year, it makes me really think about what I need to do better next year. More flowers and plants that are a natural deterrent to pests like deer. Maybe put more gardens in upfront, since it would be closer to the house. And if all else fails, a gun and a permit.

Yarn and hair

We can’t put up a fence now. 8 feet of deer fence would be something we add next year. I don’t know how much we will merge the two gardens add another. So with the rainy week we will be having I am gonna try a few things. Today, yarn and hair to deter the deer.




Cayenne pepper, dial soap, urine (human or other wise) castor oil, egg white and garlic, moth balls will also be choices. I just want to do any of the natural options before we go out and buy chemicals.