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Looking forward to spring

We had a few warmish days. I have been trying to find out and figure out where were going to put our asparagus patch. Fence line, few trees, sunny spot.



This is in the very front of our property. It is the least likely place for deer. We will also put artichokes up there as well.

Now in the back where we have the to small gardens, we are trying to connect them to make a huge U. I would rather have the narrow sections that I can work, without getting all muddy. We moved the leaves that we had sitting in bags by the shed.



We tossed a few pallets on top to add weight and hold the leaves down. Little rain and snow this week and we might be on the way to new additions in the spring.

But for now, I plan, I knit, I cook.

PAUL — my hopes for 2015

It has been a few week since I have had any quiet times alone, without Madigan, or a holiday, or a dinner or an event, where I could just reflect.  In that spirit, I have some ideas for 2015.

** Produce.  Produce more food on our own.  Bigger garden, more flowers, maybe try to raise a few meat birds, can more. We do 90% of our own cooking, using very little prepackaged food.  I want to try my hand at making some breads for Madigan and I.  Maybe learn how to make pasta.  Lower the number of boxes or bags of pre-made stuff.

** Appreciate. I would like to take more time to reflect, soak in, appreciate where we are, even in times of struggle.  Be more thankful for things we have accomplished, how far we have come and what we have done right.  We are fortunate in so many ways, and sometimes we forget how much we do have because we get sucked into others view of success, wealth or riches.

** Unafraid. This is all me, I am afraid of things I know nothing about.  Maybe it is because I was single so long and the buck stopped with me.  Since I do not consider myself handy, and would rather pay someone to fix something than try and do it myself.   My fear is the problem when it comes to changing out the mailbox or replacing a flapper in the toilet.  Boomer literally has to do these thing when I am out of the house because I am a super worrier NUT.  It’s not that I don’t think he can do it, it’s that I know *I* can’t.

** Learn.  Continue to learn. Read more books.  Talk with people who do stuff we want to do.  Try more things.

In addition to all that, get back to pod casting, keep a tidier home, get rid of junk we don’t need. Stay off our smart phones and away from TV.


End of the patio garden

It was nice enough today to get out and clean up the patio. We haven’t gotten any tomatoes in a month or so …match that with winter rolling up on us and a move…it needs to be done.

This is what we started with saturday

And ended up with this.

Yes I am taking my dirt with me. I can use all this stuff when starting plants at the house. I am looking forward to a garden, room to grow, limitless space.


As Madigan and I were standing outside watering plants I was struck by the fact that we grew all of this (except for the pansies) from seeds, half a dozen bags of soil, water, natural fertilizer and containers. I appreciate the home improvement stores offering strong young plants for people to plant, and they are more likely to get edible rewards, but we did this. It does’t matter so much if we will have so many tomatoes that we have to give them away, it is rewarding to know, WE DID THIS. We figured out putting the tomato seeds near the dryer to germinate worked better than leaving them water logged on a cold window sill. We have been patient waiting for flowers to bloom. The plants that are almost as tall as my daughter were in packages 6 months ago. I love that we are doing this together, that she is as interested in it as I am. That she still wants to go outside and water the plants, see how they are doing, taking pride in the fact that we grew all these plants.


The peppers sprouted on my second try and have grown a few true leaves.

Hoping that all 4 do well, but like with the tomato plants, I just need one really good strong plant.

Radiator Charlie seeds sprouted

It’s been about a week and we have some sprouts with the Mortgage lifter tomatoes.

I started these seeds well after the roma and cherry tomato seeds. My expectations of the garden yield is low, if I only get one tomato I will be happy.

Another Sunday planting

It was a lovely sunny day today after a few days of clouds and rain. We transplanted the tomato starts into bigger deeper pots, but still keeping them in the room under the light.

Here’s what we started this week.

There has been some nice growth with the loose leaf lettuce.

And this is a nice shot of a sprout of spinach and buttercrunch lettuce.

Seeds, glorious seeds!

A combo of buying seeds at the Coop and mail order directly from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, I think we have a good variety of seeds, some for cool temperatures, some that do well in the shade, and some that need sun and heat. I am hoping to keep enough active interest to keep interested.

I am looking forward to planting more seeds this weekend. We started some onions, which had sprouted in the bag, so I am looking to save those for seed to start onion sets for next year (I am planning on a next year). Got one container outside with lettuce seeds. Started the Cherry tomatoes and cosmos inside.

This weekend will get the carrots, roma tomatoes, spinach and butter crunch lettuce, peppers, and some herbs started. I decided to do the peppers in the topsy turvy planter. I have read that they do better in that type of planter than the tomatoes. We are trying to use all the space we have available.

Been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about all this. Will the tomatoes get enough sun? Should we raise the table higher? Needless to say, I am very excited about the idea of feeding my family from just a few feet away.

Let the planting begin

After finding seeds (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) and soil (Baccto) that, as far as we could see, were not connected to Monsanto, I committed us to container gardening. We are going to try onions–from sets, carrots, lettuce, basil, parsley, cilantro and tomatoes from seeds. We are also going to plant some flowers. We worked a little on the space today, got some seeds in egg cartons and really enjoyed going from the planning on doing this to actually getting started.

And yes, I know we have Styrofoam egg cartons…we are doing what we can where we can. -1 for Styrofoam, +1 for re-purposing…it’s a push.

We also got ourselves over to Ikenberry’s and picked up some burger, sirloin tips and local eggs.