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A new year

Looking at yesterday’s post in the light of day and an almost good night sleep here are my thoughts on the 20% pay cut.

I am thankful to still have a job — 80% is better than 0%.

I am not my job–it’s not personal. It goes back to profits before people.

Paycuts and layoffs make me want to be more sustainable not in the “f-them” kind of way but in the I want to know we are good no matter what company bottomline says.

We are good, no matter what.

Food in the freezer/food in the pantry. When the bad news hits my first thought is we have food. We are good, we are healthy and we can eat. And eat well in fact.

I have been fired from jobs I liked a whole lot more than this one. DRE/LIR and The Mic come to mind.

My job or my salary does not define who I am.

So I make a few bucks less an hour, who cares really when it comes to the big picture. I am still the best mom to my daughter, trying to be the best wife I can to my husband, I am a good friend (ask any of them), good sister (this one could be a push but I am trying), great daughter (FACT), awesome cook…and like every other set back we have had as a family we are good!


Minor distraction. Just a drop in the bucket.