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Blizzard 2016

We were supposed to go do our photobooth at a convention in Baltimore, but with this storm we decided it was best to stay home.  Baltimore got his with much more snow that we did, but it would have been bad coming home to the foot we got.

IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8685 IMG_8686 IMG_8693 IMG_8694 IMG_8696 IMG_8697 IMG_8698We did most of our clearing in the morning.  After the major snow on Friday, Saturday was a bit disappointing in totals, but the wind still gave us snow to shovel.

Another round of snow, just to make it look pretty

We got another couple of inches of light fluffy snow.  This is the butterfly bush all covered in snow.IMG_7015

The chickens are still pretty far out there, this is the walk today.


Just for the lovely factor, the trees in the front yard.


Time to shovel…er…wovel.

We wanted to get out and try out Boomer’s christmas present the wovel.IMG_6958 IMG_6959“So easy even a woman can use it!”  Direct quote from old men driving by.

IMG_6960 IMG_6962

Last year it took us about 3 hours total to clear the driveway.  With the Wovel it was less than an hour.  Great present, thanks again Jerry and Luanne!


it’s gonna be a long day.  We have to make it back down the road to dig my car out since I couldn’t make it up the curvry hilly part.  I resigned myself to having to walk the two miles home in the snow, but as I got up to the top of the dangerous part my husband was walking towards me, with the car running on the flat part of the road.  He’s a good man!



Chickens weren’t happy about the snow.










Today, Saturday 2/22


And we still have a little left, but the hens have some bare ground to dig around in again.

Oh and my minor leak in my rain boots has progressed to a full breech. Next time I need to focus less on the cute boots, need something more rugged.


Final post of the day

So after we cleared the drive before noon, it snowed till about 4:30ish. So out again to clear that driveway. This time was MUCH easier.




While we were out there the sun came out, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to the chickens to get some pictures of the sunset.



it was about this time that I noticed a line to get into the coop.


I closed the door, grabbed the eggs that were left in the nest box (we got a total of 5 eggs on this very snowy day) and took one last picture.

About 30 minutes ago the snow plow went by, so that is the perfect end to a snowy day.

The driveway seemed like a great idea

when we got this house one of the things we loved was the house being set back with a long driveway. Sure it’s great 364 days a year. On the day when you get 12+ inches of snow, worst idea EVER.

This is what we started with

after working for 2 hours, we got this



And just for fun, here is Kensington’s car.