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Veterans Day

So Veterans is an odd holiday, similar to memorial day, remembering war and sacrifices and loss.  But the thing about veterans day is to commemorate the end of war and to celebrate peace.

While many realize that Veterans Day, which always falls on November 11, is a day to honor our Veterans, few realize the historical significance behind the day.Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day and marked the end of hostilities of World War I that occurred at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.


This sign bugs me.  War happens…as flippant as shit happens.  Also, no one blames veterans for doing the job they signed up to do.  And as I woman, I do love that we are thanking men.  Or is the HIM God?  I know this is church’s version of twitter, there are only have a certain number of characters, maybe they were out of Ts and Es and couldn’t spell out them. There was another flag hanging on this church not sure what kind of flag it was, but didn’t want to look too much into it;s meaning worried that we might have a white pride church just around the corner.


Still don’t know what this weed is called, but I decided the best way to take care of it is to just pull it.  So double and triple up the gloves and pull away.  The root looks like a turnip and there are these thorny, sticky clusters of pain.


My plan now is to pull them out before Boomer mows.


What to do…keep it or yank it?

We bought the house and got the plants, flowers, trees and bushes that were here.  We are trying to decide if we keep these…um…not sure what they are bushes or yank them out and plant something else, like a blueberry bush.   IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257What type of bush is this, is it beneficial, worth keeping?  Other than a hiding place for bunnies, what else is it good for? Please Email

Floppy Comb–details of her demise

Friday morning after I let the chickens out, and after walking up to the road to see if it was icy for slushy, a dog got into our chicken pen. By the time I got out there the dog had gotten Floppy Comb by the leg, given her a pretty violent shake and when the dog dropped her I knew it wasn’t going to be good. It wasn’t.

Even though I didn’t see any blood or organs, it looked like her leg had gotten popped out of socket, up at the thigh. She wasn’t able to stand on it and it jutted out to the side unable to hold her weight. After crying and getting her in a basket and sharpening a knife, I thought I needed to try and save her.

I felt like MacGyver trying to pull together a sling that would hold her up off the leg, rigged a water and food container by her head so she could eat and drink. She seemed like she was in shock and not make noised, which is unusual for her, she is a chatty bird. I called my chicken experts at Bramble Hollow Farms to see what they thought.

IMG_5076(that’s pedialite in the cup)

Anna said they have had some luck with splinting. She said if she is eating and drinking that’s a good sign. We talked a bit about the humane thing to do, how it’s a judgement call. She had seen birds bounce back from injury worse than that. I had to go to work which I thought was a good thing, cause I would have obsessed about her all day.

When I left for work she was eating, I felt positive that she would be okay, at least for the day and Boomer could take a look at her see what he thought. I called him on the way into work, told him what happened. Asked him to feed her, check on her when he got home.

A couple hours later, he texted me said she was eating, seemed a little perkier. At one point she got a little feisty and tried to get out of the contraption I made. He decided to take her back out to the coop, she drank some water, lots of water, pecked around a bit but was having trouble getting around. She made her way into the coop, got into the nest box and I will assume spent the night there.

We talked about what best case scenario would be, I said either all better or if she had died. It would be best case for us, since then we wouldn’t have to do the dirty work. Sadly when I let the hens out she wasn’t running out to get food. I had to coax her out with a stick. She went under the food shelter and was all crouched down.

As we watched her, trying to decide if she just needed a little more time to bounce back, she was breathing weird, he butt was moving in a weird way, she just wasn’t looking or acting like Floppy Comb. I asked Boomer to move the shelter so I could try and run her off, see if she had the ability to get away from something, even if it was just my boot nudging her. She moved, not well, and only a short distance. The combo of all that we decided it would be best to take care of it as quickly and humanely as we could.

The deed was done. Floppy isn’t suffering and I don’t have to worry about her being the slow bird in the yard. When Boomer and I were talking last night he told me that his first thought when I told him a dog got one of the birds was “I hope it’s not Floppy.”

So we made the decision last night to get 6 more chicks, to cover our bases in the fall. So expect much happier posts in the days to come of cute new little chicks.

Floppy Comb 2013-2014

Hey kid don’t grow food just buy it at the grocery store

Don’t listen to the talking lion kids.

The king of the jungle wants you to buy all of your vegetables from the grocery story instead of growing your own. Somehow the lion thinks veggies are fresher when they’re shipped thousands of miles than when they’re picked from the garden in your backyard.

Maybe I should start pronouncing the animal “lyin'”.

He is correct that it’s faster to just go buy it and that’s exactly what the grocery store wants you to do.

But he’s wrong about its freshness and he’s not telling you that the stuff you grow has more nutritional value because veggies start losing nutrients the second they’re picked and since the stuff at the store has traveled farther, it’s lost more. He also didn’t mention that because the food you grow hasn’t traveled so far, it’s greatly reduced your carbon footprint, making it better for the environment. I’m guessing because it’s only 30 seconds long, that he also failed to mention that plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. So when you grow them, you’re putting good stuff in the air compared to those polluting trucks hauling grocery store food all over the country. I’m NOT surprised he didn’t tell you that it’s cheaper to grow your own food.

Now I realize that he was created by an advertising agency to sell more groceries, but it still bothers me. I hope that you will encourage those in your life to grow more of their own food.

I am not sunburned or embarassed


It’s my rosacea. I am one of 4 sun loving kids, one in Florida, one in Hawaii and one in Las Vegas. I am the only who has spent any time with seasons, snow and regular temps below 50. The furthest north I have lived is Washington state, 100 miles from the Canadian border. I would rather be cold than hot. Vacations to the beach or in the summer means tons of useless pictures, people asking if I am okay and trying to prevent my face from turning beet red. It also prevents pictures of me working in the garden or doing much of anything when it is over 85. When I tell Boomer I have to take a break when we are working out in the yard he never argues cause I always look like I might be having a heart attack.

Never a dull moment

Life is never dull. 30 days ago we signed paperwork on the house, we have gotten moved in, discovered some projects that need be on the to do list and have gotten settled in. Oh and if that’s not enough, the place where I work has filed for bankruptcy (but it’s to protect the business and our jobs) and my meniere’s is showing symptoms.


January 1 2010 I woke up not being able to hear out of my left ear. It sounded like a bathroom fan or the rumble of a train in my ear. There is also the aural fullness which makes you aware of your inner ear. It’s not painful, just distracting/irritating. I would spend the day trying to make my ears pop. With a round of steroids and taking water pills, adopting a low sodium diet did the trick the first time.

So with the changes and adjustments this last month we have been taking shortcuts for dinner, I have been eating more bread (200 mg sodium per slice on average) and eating out more often. So it’s not a shock that the stress and sodium have put me at the beginning of a menieres episode.

This time I am less angry about it, 1/2010 I was pissed. I hope I apologized to everyone who I snapped at when they were trying to let me know that even if I lost my hearing everything would be okay. I mean my job always includes headphones (whether it is radio or a call center) so the ability to hear is important to my income. Since I hadn’t known what I know today which is episodes will come and go, symptoms will fade and you will go back to hearing like normal again. (there is a chance that some loss will be permanent but I am trying not to focus on that)

If you see me this next week or two, and I am tilting my head like the RCA dog, it’s to prevent the vertigo. If I ask you to repeat something you said it’s cause of the buzzing/hum in my ear, and if I am a little grupmy this menieres is a pain in the ear.


We were told of a possible snag going into the signing…our agent took care or everything on our side but the sellers don’t have our agent. So our 2pm signing wasn’t the smart thing to do. So now we close Wednesday…a busy day for me.

Drop Madigan off at school.
Drive to house for final walk through.
Get back to title company to sign paperwork.
Doctor appointment for Boomer.
Dentist appointment for Madigan.
After all paperwork is filed we get keys.

I am disappointed, but would rather be safe and close the correct way. So Wednesday it is. It will be a long weekend of packing and waiting.